About Me

Hello Beautiful! My name is Quana and I am the creator of Chunky Butterscotch.  I love my family and friends, enjoy shopping 🤦🏻, putting on CLOTHES HONEY, and smelling GOODT! I have 1 Husband 😂, 2 adult children that I call Lil boy and Lil girl, and 2 Lolly babies. (Grands) The name Chunky Butterscotch derived from my 1st Lolly Baby, Kylo. Being crafty has always been something that has come naturally to me, so why not share it with the world.  But it’s not just me this time around… Our customizable tumblers now puts you in the driver’s seat.  Ready, set, LET’S MAKE SOMETHING TOGETHER!  See you all in checkout and on Tiktok! 😘😘😘. Thank you for your love, trust, and support! 

Love ya without even knowing ya!